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Lodging the Notice of Your Intended Marriage

You must give a completed Notice of Intended Marriage form to the authorised Marriage Celebrant who is to conduct your marriage within 18 months of your proposed marriage and no later than one month prior. I have all the necessary paper work to perform your marriage and we can complete this particular form together at our first meeting.

You will require certain documents such as birth certificates (originals) and evidence that any prior marriage has been dissolved by death or divorce. (See ‘useful contacts’ for details if you require copies of documents from Births, Deaths and Marriages)

Notice Time:
If there are extraordinary circumstances, (and by regulation, these would need to relate to: employment or travel commitments, wedding or celebration arrangements, religious considerations, medical reasons, legal proceedings, error in giving notice) the statutory period of notification between lodging the Notice of Intended Marriage with your Marriage Celebrant and the solemnisation of the marriage can be shortened. There is no capacity to grant shortening of time outside these circumstances.

The Notice period is currently not less than a clear calendar month, and only a prescribed authority has the power to shorten this time (usually at your Local Court or Registry officials) and they must be satisfied that the particular circumstances justify doing so.

I can assist you in finding the prescribed authority nearest to you, but please be aware that Shortening of Time is not lightly granted, and must be supported by appropriate evidence

Certificates : On the day, at the conclusion of the Ceremony there are three documents to be signed :

Marriage Certificate – which will be presented to you and is your proof of Marriage

Official Certificate - for registration purposes - this will be forwarded to Births, Death and Marriages accompanied by on line registration.

Marriage Register – this is the official record retained by your Celebrant

The Bride and Groom, two witnesses and Celebrant sign all three documents.



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