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Naming ceremonies are almost as old as time itself - the process of naming firmly links a child with its family and cultural background and plays an important part in affirming the arrival of a child as a welcome and valued addition to the family and to society.

When we welcome a child into the family and broader community, it provides a wonderful opportunity to share in the parent’s joy and  a time to share this joy with other siblings, grandparents, mentors, family and friends who will become an important part of this child’s life, promising to love, nurture and support the child so they can have a happy and fulfilled life.

Many people in our society today are choosing not to join organised religions,  the secular ceremony can be a good alternative for those who want the formality of a ceremony without a religious content, allowing their children the opportunity to choose their own spiritual direction later in life.

Each ceremony is carefully crafted in consultation with you and your family, using either your own selection of words, or poems and readings from the wide selection provided.

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